Fall 2015 Multimodal

This semester English 104 has introduced me to the power of literacy. English only affected my life as far as it effected my GPA before having taken this course. The course asked me to review the part that literacy played in my own life, as well as the lives of people who look like me. Our first paper asked me to evaluate literacy and the role that it had in my becoming the person I am today. A question that I had never thought to ask myself, even though I was at one point an avid recreational reader and writer. The readings allowed me a new insight into my everyday life in the way that they drew parallels between one’s grasp on literacy and their everyday success. I had no idea that in the system of in justice that plagues much of my community, that reading and writing played even a minuscule part. Our classroom discussions included a room full of my peers who were just as intelligent as I was. This was my first encounter of such. So in most cases, I did more listening than anything. I thought about the ideas that they voiced, and the way my professor helped expand upon them. I was led to draw conclusions and form ideas that I, again, never would have come to on my own. We were constantly challenged by our professor to see what we were reading, writing, and discussing as more than a grade. I was less than successful at this in regards to assignments that were actually for a grade. I did end up reading for the first time in years, for knowledge, understanding, and even enjoyment as opposed to just reading to say I had read. The place that I am in as a writer has remained stagnant throughout the course. I am a person with many ideas and complex thoughts. I have trouble with audience awareness and successfully conveying my thoughts. The most development I have seen in myself is in my ideas and the way that I view the world.

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My journals most reflect my sentiment that my views of the world and ideas have expanded the most in class. I feel as if at the beginning of the course I had an idea of the system of injustice in which we live, but it was an idea based off of a very singular perspective. Literacy only meant big words that I had trouble understanding and striving to find the least amount of work I had to do for a sufficient grade. My journals also reflect my being introduced to the fact that I viewed the world from a single perspective. That the “standard” of which I was accustomed to and proficient in was not a standard at all. It was one, that in everyday life, I should not judge myself or my peers by because our culture lead to a different standard. By this same token, I learned that certain literary work was work that I could apply to my everyday life. Though not very well articulated in my journals, I learned to be more aware of my audience. I learned that there are many ways to articulate one’s self, and it is not an insult if I am not understood the very first time I attempt my writings. The analysis encompassed in my “Shitty First Drafts” journal, revealed to me that it is okay to have “bad” writing at first. It showed me that from the “bad” writing of which I was so consumed, came good writing. Writing that I could be proud of.

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